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Battered, Broken


Everything had to be exactly as you had planned it
Everything had to be exactly as you desired
The sadness inside you was lost on exactly no one
And there's nothing heroic or stoic in being a mime

Hey little girl is there room inside your world
For a groom without a pearl or a diamond on his mind
Did you think that for a second on the brink
That you could let me take a drink and bet that would not climbinside over my primly pride
Ooh ooh ooh ooh

See you walking down the hall kinda tall isn't like Bacall and
I'm gonna pucker up and blow you right out of the seams of yoursuits and the
dreams will be roots for the teams in cahoots
My demons loving you
ooh ooh ooh ooh

There is only so much I can give without returne
Maybe a song
Maybe a few
Maybe not
Maybe, finally fuck it and just take a shot
And I battered, broken, barely hoping remade token
I would crawl back to you and say thanks I needed that
It's been a while
ooh ooh ooh ooh

Smoother skinned than most she was and beautiful and just becauseI thought
I'd be a doomsday gift I place the rift
Callous first and cavalier dropping verses she could hear the sadrefrain
ooh ooh ooh ooh


I'm gonna grope I'm gonna grasp
'Cause I must
It's my rope and my asp and my doom for my lusting of you
Throw me a thin spider line, I'll be fine as I'll climb the mineto my divine


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