Homerun Hilary


You're picture was in the news
A piece of paper my friends have burned but it refused
And though you wore a smile
The muscles that you flexed too much looked tired after a while
And you always forced your style

I wrote you love notes
I pulled you from fights
I even dug moats
So I could swim at night
To my Homerun Hilary.

I had my time to brood
But never had the courage I was never in the mood
But when you jumped from the car
I fell from love with you and knew I'd leave you where you are
Where you'll always be a star

With a black eye
And a white hat
You're such a good guy
With a baseball bat
It's my Homerun Hilary
My Homerun Hilary

Well I'd only just begun
To live again and be my own best friend and now you come
A vampire must be fed
But uh-oh I'm unwilling to be bled

It took a fast pitch
On the inside
And like a white witch
On a mercy ride
It's my Homerun Hilary

My Homerun Hilary
Swing for the sky
Homerun Hilary

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