Photo of the artist Julie Andrews

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Julie Andrews

There are those, I suppose,
Think we're mad
Heaven knows the world is gone
To wrack and to ruin

What we think is chic, unique and quite adorable
They think is odd and "Sodom and Gomorrable"

But the fact is everything today is thoroughly modern
Check your personality!

Everything today makes yesterday slow
Better face reality
It's not insanity - says Vanity Fair
In fact, it's stylish to
raise your skirt and bob your hair

In the rumble seat, the world is so cozy
If the boy is kissable!

And that tango dance they wouldn't
Now is quite permissable!

Good-bye, good-goody girl,
I'm changing and how
So beat the drums 'cause here comes
thoroughly modern Millie now!

Everything today is thoroughly modern
Bands are gettin' jazzier
Sverything today is starting to go
Cars are gettin' snazzier
Men say it's criminal what women'll do

What they're forgetting is this is 1922!

Have you seen the way they kiss in the movies?
Isn't it delectable?
Painting lips and pencil lining your brow
Now is quite respectable!

Good-bye, good-goody girl,
I'm changing and how!
So beat the drums 'cause here comes
Thoroughly modern Millie now!

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