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Where do I Fit In (feat. Judah Smith, Chandler Moore & Tori Kelly)

Justin Bieber

When the day is over and those thoughts set in
That’s when I start to wonder
Where do I fit in?
But then You remind me that You’re holding me tight
You say the past is behind me and it’ll be alright
And You say to me, it’ll be alright

When I'm all alone and fear is all I see
Sitting in the silence with these insecurities
It's then You remind me, You’re holding me tight
And You love me completely, You’re always by my side
And You say to me, it’ll be alright

I know you’re not a God out there hiding on mountains, oh no
You come right where I am, lost my way but You found me
Like the rain in the dark on my ugliest days
You say that You’ll always love me just the same
And then you remind me that you’re holding me tight
You said the past is behind me and it will be alright
Oh, and You say to me it’ll be alright
Gonna be alright, gonna be alright
It will, it will be alright

I hear those words over and over: It’ll be alright
Go to sleep, my child, it’ll be alright
Sleep soundly, my child, it’ll be alright
I'm right here, my child, it’ll be alright
I won’t go anywhere, it’ll be alright
You’re in the palm of my hand, it’ll be alright
My arms are wrapped around you, it’ll be alright
While you sleep, I watch over you, it’ll be alright
I’ll take care of your loved ones, it’ll be alright
Your future’s in my hands, it’ll be alright
Your past is forgiven, it’ll be alright
Your future is secure, it’ll be alright
I forgive you, it’ll be alright
I'm your friend that’s closer than a brother, it’ll be alright
Sleep now for when the morning comes
My mercies will be new, it’ll be alright


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Written by: Chandler Moore / Jonathan Gateretse / Judah Smith / Justin Bieber / Lenard Ishmael / Luigi Majr Tiano / Tarik Henry / Tori Kelly. Isn't this right? Let us know.