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Get back in the saddle

K. T. Oslin

I remember it well like it was last night
Maybe the night before
Standing there sweating under the 40 watt light
For a kiss at my Daddy's door
Every star blazed above and the moon was a yellow ball
We were there trying to connect the dots
And make a little sense of it all
And his best friend was in the car
Slumped down behind the wheel
And the radio played the tune
Well I loved that boy with all my might
At least a month or so
Then he ran off with the girl next door
I had to let him go
Nothing, I swear, could ever prepare me
For the way I felt inside
Like somebody kicked as hard as they could
Part of me died
(And I dreamed of him every night
I saw him each day at school
And a voice deep inside kept saying,
"Get back in the saddle! One more time!
Get back in the saddle! Swallow all of your pride
Cause if you can't take the fall
You shouldn't take the ride
Get back in the saddle! One more time!)
Well it only takes one broken heart
To learn what it's all about
Some you win, some you lose
And if you're lucky you get some get rained out
But you got to keep on, keeping on
Walking to the light
Passing all the wrong ones up To get to the one that's right
(Repeat Chorus) Come on girl
Don't let him get you down
Get on back in there
Try and try again

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