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Feeding a hungry heart

K. T. Oslin

She would be so pretty
If she'd only lose that weight
Women can't be thin enough, you know
Instead of eating take-out
She should be out on a date
Not dining with a demon that she can't control
So misunderstood
She'd stop it if she could
Heaven knows the hell she feels inside
(Cause she's/he's feeding a hungry heart
Trying to fill the empty part
She's/He's starving
From a hungry heart)
He's out there every morning
Way before dawn
Running like a man whose heart is on fire
Racing past his feelings
On his daily marathon
His loneliness is lessened by the miles and miles
Up and down the hill,
Oh, so much time to kill
Heaven knows the hell he's running from
(Repeat Chorus)
{Cause they're thirsting for happiness
Drowning in their own excess
They're starving
From a hungry heart}
(Repeat Chorus and Tag}
Oh, starving from a hungry heart
Oh, starving from a hungry heart

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