There's a little girl playing dress up
Somewhere under all that lace
Standing in her momma's high heels shoes
With a lipstick covered face
Here's a little boy on a pony
He's a cowboy all the way
Used to pull my hair and make me mad
At the Saturday matinee
Oh who'd have thought I'd lose my heart
To the same little boy someday
(Looking through my old pictures
Faded photographs
Some of them bring me close to tears
Others make me laugh
Old memories seem to come alive
And open up the past again
And let me dream inside)
Here's brother with his very first automobile
We thought he'd wash the paint away
He took a job that took him west
He's doing very well
But we don't see much of brother these days
This is my favorite of my paw-paw
He's dressed up in his Sunday suit
Wide brimmed hat
A watch on a chain
I'm gonna tell you the truth
It's a picture of a downright handsome man
Caught in the prime of his youth
(Repeat Chorus)
Ooh, ooh, who taught time to fly
Ooh, ooh, who taught those years to just roll on by
(Repeat Chorus)

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