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Prawn's Blue


I am sleeping in the park
I'm thirsty like a low tide shark
the only time I get to see my wife is by her new man in theMALL...
wait a minute... think I'm gonna FALL...
I have shot the president
I'm queen of Brittain for a cent
for fifty bucks I'll do a trick
your wallet might not be as thick as you recall it to have beenbefore

good-bye my friends
you won't ever see me wheeling again
this chair is gone
and so is prawn!

easy come, said grinning prawn
but suddenly it all was gone
made a mil but paid the bill
an oilfield in the middle east
butt scuds were having fire-feast, same noon

people turn around and they look at me
don't they see that I've just lost both of my legs
and my company burned down to the lawn I did piss on the day Iwas born?
now I am a prawn!

fascinated eyes in disguise smiling at me
I know they're telling lies 'cuz their eyes don't like to see!
that crippled little rebel in the chair must be gone before thedawn.
but I'm a prawn!

didn't you see the show with the miracle man and his band?
lots of good songs and a lot of good digging fans
that I was sledging down the strings with their hearts in myhand?

breaking up the band wasn't easy for me to do
'cuz I had made plans for my company hoochiekoo
became a prawn!

good-bye my friends
you ain't never gonna see me again
my life depends on wine'n'women, song'n'dance

good-bye my friends
you won't ever see me wheeling again
this chair is gone
and so is prawn!

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