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Lollypork Stomp


The moon was hanging cool
and full above the waving swimming pool
as we were feeding mouths with heat and drool
'cuz we were having christmas feast
a merry one with pork and grease
and every guest was eating meat like beasts

'cuz santa gave us lollypork and everyone was gay
the smell of frying pig was in the air
I really think that eating piggy pork is quite O.K
as long as the meat is well done
I think its fair

fanatic vegetarians would call us rude barbarians
but before they did we forked them on the grill
the taste was quite 'mermalian'
reminded me of aliens
but salt could give oooooh the last thrill

and santa gave us lollypork....

my youngest son once asked his dad
"how can it be that I'm so fat?
you taught me lollypork was for my health!
the skinny kids with baseball bats
still kick my ass and tell me that
my family was never one of wealth"

and santa gave us lollypork....

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