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Everything To Me


Do you know it?
I think you do.
We can't go on to ignore the fact,
I'm still in love with you.
From the sunshine
In my life
You brighten up my day girl.
You leave me on a natural high.

Oh, win or lose,
It has to be worth a chance
Of making you mine, all mine.
I've rolled my dice,
I've placed my bet.
There's no way I could ever regret lovin' you.
You're all that I want,
You're all that I need,
You're everything to me, yeah.
You're all that I see,
In you I believe,
You're everything to me.

So I write this book,
Day by day, page after page, girl.
Devoted to your very special way.
So, give me the word and I'll be right there,
So, lose you inhibitions now, I'll take you there.

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