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If I Fall


If I had everthing,
I wouldn't be satisfied,
Cos there'd still be emptiness in my life.
So tell me baby is it true.
That I was surely make for you.
we both know it,
so why do we pretend,
I spent all of my life just looking for this ,
I need no more,(cos I found you),
And now that you're here I just can't ignore it.
So, I hope you don't mind if I fall,
for you baby.
So, welcome into my world,
the sun is shinning through.
It's time like this I realise what I've found in you,
in you.
Do you know it's pain to see That I think you're the one forme.
I fyou like it,
why don't you give in.
I really believe we can make it.
it's a only matter of time ( and time is moving on ).
So now I can't wait any longer,
cos it's with me you belong.

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