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The Time Is Right


The time is right

i think the time is right, i know by now you must be ready
we'll make this sacrifice and two by one we'll take it steady
we're all alone again. there's no-one here, there's no-onearound
no need for a rehearsal. come on baby bring it down

we can do anything, yeah, tonight.

baby turn the lights down, bring your body to me
we're gonna rock it tonight
now move it closer, so hot it's third degree
'cos we both know that the time is right

come on give me your hand, just close your eyes and don't you
we're gonna take it slow, there's no rush and there's no hurry
we're gonna go somewhere a place where only lovers dream of
no turning back now baby. come and het it. come and take my

we can do anything, yeah, tonight.

oh i want to rockk with you

we can do anything baby tonight

repeat chorus (x2)

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