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Good Stuff


Yeah,I´m telling you boy
Ya wasting your time on them
The Good Stuff is right here

I seen ya when ya walked in
stealin all the light
You´re the type of guy that makes them
fly girls fuss and fight
They can´t love more
No the way you´re wishing for
They go about it all wrong
Experts get it right

Tellin you now boy
Put your eyes on me
And if you call now boy
I´ll throw my heart in free
I can love you
in one million ways
And if you don´t like it
Send it back in 30 days

I know you´re sick of them knowin who you are
All they wanna do is ride around in your fancy car
Give me this, Give me that
Yeah, I know It´s so wrack
All they wanna do is been seen with a superstar


This is the Good Stuff
You don´t know this is it
Good Stuff
This is the Good Stuff

Now that you´ve seen you really wanted me
And those girls wasting their time
Thinkin they could possibly(yeah,right)
You want this, You don´t want that
Here girls we don´t want it back
And if you want the next one
You should repeat after me


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