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18 years old I ran the farm
These men came in with arms
They burned the house they took our lands
They broke us living plants
My father said if you wanna live
Then fight them like a man
So I punched their nose and I kicked their ass
But then my hands were cuffed

Take away 4x my son
Take away 4x my son
Get a little heartbreak,get a little soul
Give a little heartbreak,give a little soul

6 hungry years behind the bars was not enough for me
To change my mind to fightin' for my brothers on country
So at 24 I got on a horse and fought my enemy
But at the fields of play they shot me in the back
Oh at least I did die free


Now my body's dead but the spirit lives
Up here with all the saints
St.Patrick and I are having fun,drinking tons of beer
Meanwhile on Earth the irish clans
Are fighting for their lands
I wish I were there with a gun in my hand
Fighting for them to be free


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