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Ah, Woe, Ah, Me

Kingston Trio

In trinidad there was a family with much confusion, as you will
There was a mama and a papa and a son who was young,t who wanted
To marry, have
A wife of his own.
"you cannot marry that girl. i got to say 'no.' that girl
Is your sister but
Your mama don't know!"

Ah, woe, ah, me. shame and scandal in the family. (repeat)

So he found a young girl who suited him nice. he went to his
Papa to ask his
His papa said, "son, i got to say 'no.' that girl is your
Sister but your mama
Don't know!"


As the weeks went by, the boy looked around. soon the best cook
On the island
He found.
He went to his papa to name the day. his papa looked at him and
At him he did
"you cannot marry that girl. i gotta say, 'no.' that girl
Is your sister, but
Your mama don't know!"


So the years went by and he wished he was dead. he had seventeen
Girls and
Still wasn't wed.
When he'd ask his papa, papa would always say, "no! that
Girl is your sister
But your mama don't know!"


So he went to his mama and he bowed his head. told his mama what
His papa had
His mama said, "son, go, man, go! your papa ain't your papa
But your papa don't


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