Babe, You've Been On My Mind

Kingston Trio

Perhaps it's the color of the sun cut flat uncovering the cross
roads I am standing at
Or maybe it's the weather or something like that but babe,
you've been on my mind.

I am not asking you to say words like "yes" and
"no", please understand me. I've got no place for you
to go.
I'm just breathing to myself, pretending not that I don't know.
Babe, you've been on my mind.

Even though my mind is hazy and my thoughts, they might be
Where you been? Don't bother me or bring me down in sorrow
It don't even matter to me where you're waking up tomorrow.
Babe, you've been on my mind.

When you wake up in the morning, baby, look inside your mirror,
you know I won't be next to you. You know I won't be near.
I'll just be curious to know if you can see yourself as clear as
someone who has had you on his mind. (Repeat 1st verse.)

Babe, you've been on my mind.

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