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Bait & Switch


Fear Not What The Future Holds
Rest Your Weary Soul
I'll Do The Rest
Careful As I Gentle Down
Like A Sacred Cow
Give You My Best

Rest Assured
I Know You Know
Truth Is Good
To Win The Goal
There Comes A Time
Fight Or Flight
All Behold
The Legacy Mine

Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Glory To The King Of Kings
A Better Life Imagined In His Eyes
A Veil Of Finely Calibrated Lies
Bait And Switch
One And All Full Of Shit
Bait And Switch
Everything In Time

Follow Me
Down The Garden Path
Take You By The Hand
Lead You Astray
Don't Look Back
Leave The Past Behind
Let Bygones Be Gone
Live For Today

In Control
Make No Mistake
The World Is Mine Alone To Take
All For For One
One For None
In God We Trust
To Seal Our Fate

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Written by: Lucia Cifarelli / Sascha Konietzko. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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