Chew it all up - turn it around
Give the meaning a twist - spit it back out

Repulsive - corrosive - enticing - confusing
Abusive - elusive - provoking - amusing

Mangled and ground - decomposed and destroyed
Whatever was found - we invented the sound

Prepared to order - cooked to perfection
According to taste - no dissatisfaction

German engineering - astounding ingenuity
Over a decade of - conceptual continuity

Kmfdm - a constant intrusion
It poisons your blood - you need an infusion

Like everything else it's completely inane
Profoundly profane and it drives me insane

Kmfdm - what do you know
Don't blow your top now, here we go !

Kmfdm - what's the deal
You're so naive, come on get real !

Kmfdm - for what your money can buy
Leave your angst behind and fly sky-high !

Kmfdm - make your choice
Celebrate chaos - get into the noise !

Kmfdm - nihilistic and free
U.a.i.o.e. for you and me

Help us, save us, take us away
Kmfdm - make my day

Kmfdm - what's the story
Sex on the flag, split and glory

Kmfdm can't suck hard enough
Have a little more - you just love that stuff

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