Reflect in a mirror
Revenge is redundant
Resurrect your idols
Return to the basics
Realign your thoughts
Relocate to zero
Reverse into backwards
Repossess your soul

Now is the time
Reassess your values
Going back to the basics
To powerful needs
At the end of the day
It's an incredible siege
We are ready to rock
Get in the groove or die or die or die

My inner circle's helter-skelter echoes loving ecstasy
I know i'll find a way to live
A way for you and me

Stuck in the past
With your blood-sucking sadness
Don't pretend understanding
Understand independence
We got to move on
Move on again
A generation of madness is growing again

Right on the edge of a nightmarish war
Roaming the land like never before

Saving yourself now the trouble of having
The details of ending
Like in the past
Introducing the power of surviving the contest
Believe in your own strength
Now is the time

Does it realy matter what you believe
Does it really if you belong

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Written by: Chris Shepard / En Esch / Jim Messina / Mark Durante / Sascha Konietzko / Svet Am · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
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