I've been to Congo
I lived in Rome
Spent my lifetime
To waste my brain

Now it's the same time running
Out for you and me
That pushes pulls and drags me, baby
Back to thee

Sometimes I wonder
I can't get enough
You're cute and stupid
I want it fast
I want to go to hell

With all my guts and bollocks
I don't regret
Fearing and burning

I want to flee
To free my brain
I never do
Something right

Leaving the body
Taking mine
In total control
Into the night
I want to go to hell

I saw the light
I stitched my wounds
I picked the orchids
In Nicaragua's jungles

I'll miss your gams
So wet and shiny
You're my Vietnam-child
Kiss my scars away

I want to go to hell
Yes, I do
I want to go to hell

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