You know I like everything about you,
The way your talking is quite exciting,

Keep me up when I hide on my face,
The way I'm eating its a social disgrace,

I wanna a lot of this loving feeling,
The way you twist me and I'm likely to be bleeding

Its really neat driving in this car,
Shut the door,
Let's hope to god we can get it right,
I know a place we can rock all night,
Nobodys gonna catch you and get a fright,
You know the little girl who makes me,
The big one who takes me,

And now its later and I'm washing my hands,
It's the arena, the promised land

Fighting on a price, sitting on a stump
Someones gonna get you when you thump, thump, thump

You know its funny when your guts are so big,
I know your gonna take everything I give,
For sure you say it's a lot of meat,
But you get it all in and it's a hell of a treat,


'cause I'm a man whose sick,
But I got class,
'cause you only get respect when you're kickin' ass

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