Without rhyme, without reason
Blabbering ??? treason
A place for the people and hands of the fools
How much longer will avarice rule?

We'll get it all, we'll get it all
You have to know that we'll have it all

So, face it the place is a mess
No, no good don't act like you should
We, we're doomed, right from the start
No, no don't the choice is too hard

Now it's your turn to fight
Armed and ready, famous and rich
Now it's your turn to fight
The time has come to flip the switch
Now it's your turn to fight
So what do you know and how does it feel?
Now it's your turn to fight
No peace without justice and that's for real.

Reserve, a much better life
Control a harmless obsession
We, ???
You, your days are numbered you bet

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Written by: Chris Shepard / En Esch / Mark Durante / Sascha Konietzko / Svet Am · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
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