Era Of Right Hand


Hail the coming Aryan order,
Slavic pride and Russian honour.
The hour of payment will strike, the moment of revenge will be sweet,
NS and White Power - it's what we are.

Glory to marching for the near victory,
To all those who honour native land as a mother.
Harder fist, stormtroop skinheads!
You were called by the race to defend Europe in the battle.

The era of right hand is coming,
Freedom calls to fight till the end.
Even women and elders rise,
Our proud army is on the attack.

Let the steel eagles fly higher
As battle banner in the day of the sword.
The ruins of empire have risen from ashes,
Waiting for the execution Masons pigs are trembling in the iron hands of an executor.

Drums are beating, hands are rising,
The soldier of the revolution gives an oath to the folk.
He takes the oath to go through any hardships for the faith
And to stay loyal to the Imperial banner forever.

Skinhead, always be proud that you're a part of elite,
Remember, the working class loves its sons.
If we are together then enemies will always be beaten,
So let the unity among patriots come sooner.


The epoch of the triumph of truth, the time of glorious heroes,
The battle wind tears to pieces the fog of past doubts.
The judgment day of Agaspher and Judases
All of them will be smashed by the angry hurricane of the white uprising.

Make the firm choice before it isn't too late,
Whose side will you join a\when the storm begins?
To win we must become the force where there's no place for traitorous quarrels inside,
Where nobody is ashamed to look into eyes of each other.


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