88 RAC'n'roll band


They call me ''right wing'' & I'm proud about,
They call me fascist without a doubt.
I'm proud of my race, I'm proud of my land,
This time we will take a world in our hands.

We are 88 RAC'n'roll band,
And we play our music for race & land.

We are marching on the streets at night,
Boots & braces, we are ready to fight.
Get out, dirty scum, here comes the new order,
White aryans will waiting no more.

Chorus: We're in 88 Rock''n'roll band,
And we making violence for race & land.

Nordic resistance - this is our war.
Our dream is a white revolution,
This revolution is the only solution.

88 RAC'n'roll band...
And we'll fight together until the end.

14 words!

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