No Chances For Marxists


70 years with the merciless hand
Russia has been oppressed by their power.
With Slavonic blood like with stormy river
The Land has been flooded and enslaved by the disease.

The Nation was perishing, believing in the marxism,
In the criminal insidious fraud.
The heads were laid in the battles for bolshevism,
And masons, exulting, were completely fulling their pockets.

Again the red flags are above the crowds,
But their victory will never come.
We are full of combat bravery,
And with Freedom's enemies we'll wage the war.
They still have been having a power to strike into the back,
But we haven't got grown accustomed to show our rear only.
Communism has died already, onlu its ruins are smoking.
Do everuthing for the ashes to cool off sooner.

Their criminale regime exterminated millions of people,
Building the wall of the empire of lies.
The justice had fallen down and the rights with laws
Were changed on the colourful mirages.

Executioners will not avoid of payment,
There's a need in punishment to be cruel.
The time of merited payment will come,
And murderers will answer for theor owndeeds.

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