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Live Your Life(Forget The Future)

Kottonmouth Kings

C))you gotta live your life
ah to the fullest
always have in mind
that your the coolest
represent hard
and come legit
dont let them other succers
wanna make you quit
ah wanna make you quit
ah wanna make you quit
dont let them other succers
wanna make you quit

dont think of the future
or of the past
life flows
as it goes
dont get there fast
may all your craves
and dreams come true
dont need to rush
let it come to you
lots of obsticles in life
that you need to know
they get stuck in your head
just let it go
today's the day
right now's the time
dwelling on before
now thats a crime
tomorrow maybe
another day
dont know if you live or die
but you know today
be careful of
the next step you make
live to the fullest
it might be the last you take

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