You know you don't see with your eyes
See with your brain
And the more words your brain has
The more things you can see

Yes yes yall, he don't stop, he can't stop
He won't stop, we used to be here rappin on the block
It was like hip hop would never stop
But then we got older, and a little bit bolder
The streets in new york got a little bit colder
I'm a young too i gotta learn and get over
1980, brooklyn is crazy in the dark
But there i am in wingate park
Damn it should the djs creating this art
I'm on i but i'm free and i wanna be part
So i gotta be smart and then it just sparked
I'mma start with my heart achieving the mark
I'll be the number one mc on the chart
So on your mark get ready, go
Rock steady to show with dj scott la rock, you all ready know
Yo, these were the days when bands were elected
Based on the jam they selected so check it
This man got respected
When fans detected that the south bronx
Was the new answer record

And just like that just, just like that
Just like that, i speak into the air
Just like that, just, just like that
Just like that
My dreams they get appeared so
So just like that, just like that
Just just like that
You speak into the air and
Just like that, just, just like that
Just like that, just like that
Your dreams they appear

So just like that i was right on top
Me and scott la rock, but then scott la rock got shot
I can hear him echoing, hip hop don't stop
But we was getting rhyme like fake with no luck
By a record company that was taking alot
People blaming us, shaming us, but then it all stopped
When by all means necessary dropped
You was like the whole damn hip hop culture stopped
But that's when the vultures dropped, from the culture shock
Because we was showing people how they supposed to rock
With their hands in the air and they mouth on scream
But in 81 this was just a dream
Though we kept dreaming kept the cream and kept seeing
Kept being hip hop, breaking, mcing
Graffiti writing, djing and on the weekend
It's the proper use of your mind i'm teaching

So just like that, i began to see
The truth force and power of m-i-n-d
Now i am free and yes i can be
The amazing mc i saw in 81
That fan i was the crazy one
Even the lazy one, the not sure, the maybe one
But today i'm the sure one, the on tour one
When the one you want more from
But it was all a dream
Now this brother is on the cover of word up magazine
Hangin' fliers on my wall
Boogie down productions, versus mc shan and marley marl
You know my tape rocks, i don't say pop
If i couldn't find o-e, then i got the private stocks
Way back when them dapper dan, yack it's at
With the hats to match all that

Just like that
Now it's 91, and the west coast era now has just begun
And you can't run, crack cocaine, the feds, everyone
Now we know the military, they brought in several tons
Forget them all guns they brought em better ones
The name of this new game is stack your set of ones
For me i remember 1981
When i first wanted to rap it was mainly fun
But hip hop was made to run
So them dudes they think it's all about money their day will come
And come from many and it's scary
To learn that your whole career was really temporary
But on the contrary we can look at the past
And see the major recording artist that didn't last
But here comes the blast, in order to last
Be the real you man, take off the mask

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