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I Believe In You


Years ago
when i said i'll follow You
i didn't know
what it meant to
take my cross and go against the flow
to deny myself
to lose my life to gain it all

since i've learned
life's a battlefield
and i'm a soldier
when marching through
the evil under fire
You remain my shield
in my darkest hour
yes i know life ain't no bed of roses
so as i go i will hold to You again

from the mountain tops
to the depths of the sea
i will always trust in You
though the world may
label me a fool
i believe in You

now i know
a servant is no greater
than his master
people hated You and
mocked You with their laughter
to bear Yor name oh Lord
is my greatest honor
for my soul

You endured all the shame for Your love
help me stand until the end

Repeat chorus

some say i'm crazy
that i have no reason
to believe in You
the whole world can try to bring me down
but i'll stand on the promise
that no one can
take me away from You

Repeat chorus

John 15:18-21, Romans 8:38-39

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