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Nothing else in all the world
Could quite compare with you
Nothing means so much to me
You're all i have
Even when i feel so ugly
Your beauty still shines through
It's plain to see
Yes it's clear when i look in your eyes

Nothing as beautiful
As you
And the beauty of your face
You're so incredible
It's true
And of you i stand amazed
There's is nothing as beautiful
Everybody knows, yeah!
You're so beautiful

No one
No one else in all the heavens
Can love me like you do
No one else can give to me
The gift of life
When i am so undeserving
You moved the world for me
Now i can see
That it's clear when i look in your eyes

You are so beautiful
More than i'll ever know
You're so beautiful
1- 2 - everybody says
Nothing as beautiful…

Everybody knows
There's nothing as beautiful

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