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Obsolete Absolute


It is inevitable, he becomes obsolete because the things that define him
Become obsolete. These things are part of who he is and now they are
Irrelevant: Typewriters, cursive handwriting, dictionaries
Encyclopedias, landlines, operators, payphones, mail
Conversation, touch, sympathy, empathy, love, privacy

Please to meet you in the grey
Swinging slowly in the hang
All together on the beat
New machines are coming primed
Seasons change and combine
Starving bees on dying vines
Revelations in your mind
Document on fire

(Obsolete) absolutely
(Absolute) obsolete yeah!
Hanging by my testimony I expire
All I've known
Obsolete absolute

Running, running, fall behind
Faster, faster, borrowed time
Heritage has lost its mind
We are undefined

(Obsolete) absolutely
(Absolute) obsolete yeah!
Hanging on outworn nostalgia antiquated
All we've known
Obsolete, absolute

Swinging men on the tree
Weighted bags of debris (echoes of grey)
Their survival contingent on their empathy
They aren't anything but prey

Tradition, convention, lineage, morality
Compassion, eye contact, history, family

We aren't anything but prey
All our tools taken away
All the words we used to say
Salutations, courtesies
Mamma, poppa, grazie

Mamma, poppa save me
(Obsolete) absolutely
(Absolute) obsolete yeah!
Hanging on our testimonies we expire
All we really know
We're not anything but prey
Obsolete, absolute, obsolete, absolute

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