Photo of the artist Laney Hicks

Little Girls Need Daddys

Laney Hicks

Little girls need daddys to tuck them in at night
Read them bedtime stories and start their dreams out right
He loves you so if you should go her little heart would break
And I don't think it's fair for her to pay for our mistakes

And little girls need mommys to teach them how to love
Show them all the gifts they have to use from God above
She needs us both to help her grow but she needs us here together
And too we know some years ago we vowed to love forever

We decided we can't make it and we planned to say goodbye
But you know she needs our love can we give it one more try
Somewhere deep inside of me I know that I still care
If we search our hearts I think we'll find some love still there

Yes little girls need daddys and our little girl needs you
Finally I realized that mommie needs you too

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