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A Million Miles Away

Lenny Kravitz

You think I'm cool
But I am not
You think that I
am nonchalant
You think I'm hard
That I play the part
Don't be fooled
You are my heart

Oh babe I'm just so tired of
being on the run

Babe when I can't feel your touch
and we've lost another day
Seems like I'm a million miles away
I wander in the dark
Looking for somewhere to stay
Seems like I'm a million miles away

Without love
what have we got
All these things
don't mean a lot
Let's disregard
the past and start
A new fire from this old spark

Let's take this love
and make it hotter than the Sun


What am I looking for
What am I dreaming of
When you are the woman that I really love


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