Do Not Disturb 'bedroom demo'

Lets Get It

well fashioned entrances
tend to turn heads
i came to break necks
and get
in their beds

they won't deny me of what i came to see
cuz they all want to
be number 1 on my team

i'm throwin all kinds of fire
and by your attire
see you admire
my walk
my pose
you come to all my shows
and you think i
never noticed
(well) its time for you to show me just...

how you say
you're game
(down for whatever, whenever, you're waiting for the word)
today, is your day
(and games i don't play)

just move when i say

me how bad
do you want it?
oh you want it.
but how far is to far?

this is
the sign
that you've been waiting for
grab your composure
cuz baby it's
check out time

and i
i'll stay up waiting in the lobby till i see you
1 at a time up to our room
make sure nobody sees
just them wondering
what we're doing

elevator is building anticipation
and we both are sick of waiting
our hearts
tired from pacing (yea)

in my mind
your mine...

how many times must
i tell you?
we're second best to no one

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