Before i start,
let me know one thing:
do u got a man,
and does he understand
you won't be coming home tonight?

And as you glide across the floor,
u got me begging for more,
i swear, i'm not going home without a
hand in my hand.

You can call that my game plan.

If you've got eyes,
i know u see me shining,
wonder where i got my swag from?
never mind that.

we're here now,
you're old news.
hon, u better listen close,
i'll tell u what to do:
set your watch for nine o'clock,
and when i come by in the ride,
u jump inside.
yeah, and then we'll ride.

It's safe to say that we
won't be the same.
no matter how hard u try,
not even u can change the

Just understand babe,
that i'm just a man,
and it makes me
that i love this shit,
i just wish u still felt the same.

I know u
heard all the rumors about me,
u got to thinkin and now you want to
pushing on me with something to prove,
we started downstairs and we went
to the room.

Things started getting hot and heavy in an instant,
and oh my
god, i started thinking...
she just might be the one.

Now i got her saying
"ohh, ohh, ohhhhhh."

Fine as print.
black and white,
i know your
dancing in cursive.

Your pretty swooping strokes disguise,
your eyes,
you'll sleep with him tonight.

Make up your mind baby
when are you mine?

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