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Answering Machine Skit 1

Lil' Kim

Lil Kim: Hey wassup, leave me a message and I'll get back to you.
First Message: Yo Kim is Craig Calman I'm on the corner of Norstrom and Gades pumpin this album and the streets are going crazy hit me back a.s.a.p pleazzze.
Second Message: Pick up the phone mayne you got me talking
to the answering machine you already know who it is mayne, its your Boy Mano, anyway mayne you know how we gon do this thang mayne, we gon shut these niggas outta bidness mayne. Bonnie and Clyde the new thing going down Bed-stuy, Brooklyn
Third Message: Yo its Monie girl, just calling to say
WASSUP im holding you down. Its much love girl yo tell them Marked-ass chicks they aint got nuttin on you but girl we love you we-we there for you girl love you one *Mwuah*
Fourth Message: Cmon Kim jus had to her its ya brother and sister what the fuck is wrong with you yo talk to us. Yo its Meita yo you gotta call me back they only got 2 more bags left in the store we on the wait list call me back! Kim when you get home i got that new 2006 made back with the convertible shit yea i got that so ima pick you up in that shit right there aiight we outta here. yea!
Fifth Message: Yo Kim what up baby this is Mike Kaizer checkin in on you man. Yo man the govener aint come all the way over to Atlantic Records for you to not be here. I need ya ass to get home real soon so we can handle our buisness. Lets go baby. Cmon.

Sixth Message: Yo listen this is Gotti man. I just wanna say.. what up. You know what im sayin. Yo.. Put a contract and write somethin up or somethin so i can hold that bentley once in awhile you know cuz me and them niggas gonna be trying to house shit and all that ya heard!
Yo this Push big mami what up baby. I love you man. You gon get thru it baby. Hustle hard man. Queen Bee.
Seventh Message: Yo this money cash man. I heard the album is crazy. ya mean. yo tell moe i said what up. Easy!
Eight Message: Damn Kim you dont never pick your phone up this is D. Yo i got some paper for you (clap) Gimme a call when you get up.
Ninth Message: Yo what up what up this is the toughest nigga in hiphop you know this is G (clap) your partner in crime. When you get a chance give me a call cuz i know you got that phone with you , you prolly got gucci gel sheets and all that shit OH! i heard you was the first bitch to have a fashion show in jail. Just give me a call as soon as you get this message u gotta get this next album done Im out atlantic is on my back Lata!
Tenth Message: Yo kim what up its ur man Mr. Rogers. I just heard your album tha shit is bananas. Yo we miss you out here the streets really need you. Yo get back soon. Be safe. Tell moe i said hold her head. One
Eleventh Message: Its ya mutha fuckin sis. The L to the mutha fuckin A . LA. You know i got you. They always try to take the good ones down. But you know we rising and when we rise they aint no mutha fuckin stoppin us. ITS ALL GOOD.

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