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Suck My Dick

Lil' Kim

To all my motherfucking gettin' money hoes
Used to selling clothes
And all my ghetto bitches in the project comin' thru likebulldozers
No we ain't sober
Bum Bitches know better than to start shit
Niggas love a hard bitch
One that get up in a nigga's ass quicker than an enema
Make a cat bleed then sprinkle it with vinegar
Kidnap the senator
make him call his wife and say he ain't never coming home
Kim got 'em in a zone
Beatin' they dicks
Even got some of these straight chicks rubbin' their tits
What I'm lovin' this shit?
Queen Bitch!
What bitch you know can thug it like this?!
Imagine if I was a dude hittin' cats from the back with nostrings attached
Yeah niggas picture that!
I'll treat ya like y'all treat us
No doubt!!
Ayo yoyo Come here so I can bust in your mouth!

(Ay yo come here bitch!)
Nigga fuck you!
(no Fuck You Bitch!)
Who you talkin to?
(Why you actin' like a bitch?)
Coz y'all niggas ain't shit and if I was a dude I'd tell ya SuckMy Dick!!!

No no no
All I wanna do is get my pussy sucked
Count a million bucks in the back of an armor truck
While I get you fucked up
Off the T.O.N.Y
The BX the Chron-chron
And the list goes on and on
(on, on and on)
Like Erykah Badu
Once he drink the remi down
Oooh I got this nigga now
He asked me did I love him
I said what came to mind
Like niggas be doin'
Yeah Baby I love you long time
Look I ain't tryin' to suck ya
I might not even fuck ya
Just lay me on this bed
Gimme some head!!
Got the camcord layin' in a drawer where he can't see
Can't wait to show my girls he sucked the piss out my pussy
Been doin' this for years, no need to practice
Take lessons from the queen and ya'll know how to mack this
Niggas know he gave me all his cake
I peeled the Benji's off and threw the singles back in his face


I'ma keep it real
for the dough I might kil
I'm tryin' to see my face on a hundred dollar bill
Met this dude named Jaleel at this abdula fight
Said he'd pay me 10 grand just to belly dance
Come all on his pants
I met him at the studio
He showed up with his homeboy Julio
I said Woah! Who's the other guy? Hope you know you're payinextra for this fuckin' third eye
Somethin about him I knew he was a phony
Put the burner in his mouth Fool gimme my money!!
He was just a nigga frontin like he knew mad stars
and his homeboy's whips like he got mad cars
Niggas ain't shit but they still can trick
All they can do for me is suck my clit
I'm jumpin up and up after I come
Thinkin they gon' get some pussy but they gets none


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