Whip it like a Nascar, I can see the time pass
Feel like I'm in high school, fucking me in gym class
Shawty, I remember that
I know you remember that
You was fucking with me way before I even wrote raps
Now I'm seeing cash flow
I could be a asshole
Yeah, I know
But it's all good cause I let her spend my money though
Playboy bunny though, shawty look like a pornstar

I know she love me cause she fuck me in her sports car
I pull up on her, tell her that we finna gonna go far
Drop top, smoking thrax, looking at the stars
Getting high, taking bars 'til we on mars
I could make the ground move like I'm avatar

Now I'm faded on my own in my bedroom
Now I'm lookin at my phone should I text you?
I don't wanna sext you, I don't wanna bless you
Baby I'm a priest in the underworld, guess who

Lil bo peep with a brand new flow too
Lookin at my teeth like you never seen a gold tooth
Never in the streets cause I never leave my home
If you wanna live a dream I ain't coming bitch I told you

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