Our wedding day was in the year we met
Eighteen years ago
And soon enough with children we were blessed
Made a happy home

But now we talk divorce
And lawyers in the courts
Are breaking our family in two
God only knows, what's happened to me and you

Tell me why do we fight each other
Why can't we rediscover
All of the good things, being in love brings
The best feeling is life
Tell me why are we separating
Why don't we contemplate
Love and devotion, a little emotion
Someone please, won't you tell me why

I think about the tears of joy we cried
In the church that day
I now pronounce that you are man and wife
The preacher said

But now we say divorce
And lawyers in the courts
Are locked in our family dispute
God only knows, what will happen to me and you


Someone please tell me why
Someone please won't you tell me

Tell me why ay ay ay ay ay ay......

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