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Don't Be Late, Don't Come Too Soon

Ll Cool J

Intro (LL):
It's been a long time
People change
I missed U
Word up
I used 2 always think about U
Even though sometimes I see U
And I try to ignore U
Deep inside I was thinkin' about U
what'd U think

Verse 1:
You are, my life
I have to go on
Havin' me, anyway U want me baby
Just love me till the tension's gone
And don't U come, too soon

I'm patient, I never come too soon
when I kissed U, U said it was the same old tune
But I missed U, my life was filled with gloom
I was hopeless sittin' in an empty room
When U re-appeared I was back in the mix,
I put the key up in the lock 'cuz true love fixed
All the drama got 2 stop baby no more tricks
My broken heart was addicted, but now it's fixed
And I cherished U forever, believe me U,
U's a priceless treasure from my point of view
It took time to change, I'll admit that,
My back-in-the-day's love, I had to get back

Chorus (Tamia)
You are my starship
Come take me up tonight
And don't be late, you are
my starship, come take me up tonight
And don't be late,
and don't you, come too soon

Verse 2:
I never thought that I would ever lay beside U again,
Tastin' every inch plus bein' your friend
Romantic nights with shootin' stars and full moons,
Kiss the Rose better til it come full bloom
Can U feel it, passion overflows in waves,
Keep it steady, providin' everything U crave
Now U ready, I like that, my love U save,
I love it when a bad girl agrees to behave
It's the motion that makes your love affair complete,
But devotion, makes it all twice as sweet
Back together, reunited, bonded once more,
Before I was hesitant, but now I'm sure

Chorus (2x)

Bridge (LL)
Well, now U know how I feel
and I definitely know how U feel
Word up
I'm feelin' this
Word up
'cause with U by my side
I'ma take it to the top, yeah

Outro (Tamia)

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