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Rubber Doll Opus

Lords Of Acid

You want sex with a rubber doll?
Baby, I don't agree with that at all
Sex Bomb Annie, that's her name
With her you like to play your dirty little games

Her mouth wide open, always ready for more
Doesn't close her legs, that inflatable whore

It's a love bazaar with a rubber bitch
Don't make me compete with that plastic witch

Death to the doll (2x)

You can never use me for your fantasy
Manage' trois with my enemy
You better take her with you one Thanksgiving day
So she can meet your folks in her negligee

You take her out to dinner so your friends can see
Now everybody's pointing fingers at me
You even take her shopping and on a doube date
She's always quiet and she never complains

Death to the doll (2x)

I've made up my mind, it's gotta stop
A stab of a needle's gonna make her go POP
That'll be the end of your love affair
With Sex Bomb Annie and her plastic darriere

Death to the doll (2x)

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