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Time Damages Me

Lost Eden

I don't do anything but crawl.
I'm just a living corpse.
Travel has no end point.
Haste scorches the heart.
Every second is a road of destination unknown.
No change in this course. Time is going on.

Bloodshot are my eyes.
Falling away from all.
Watch me crying'in vain.

My pain longs for you.
Return me my breath'again.
My pain'Time damages me.

What is seeing previews of you?
Does the story end in vain?
Between ideal and reality,
We all become equally.
Blow off that idle thought.
Throw off the general public flow.
Only humans can face their destiny.

A gleam of hope.
Fragments of time.
Close my eyes' in fate.

My pain longs for you.
Return me my breath'again
My pain'Time damages me.

Never be cured and never be escaped.
If I wanna be' but don't gotta be'
Forever I am lifeless.
Please let me in' let me breath'

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