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Too many eight hour long journeys out of reality
Made me think nothing mattered showed me nothing was real
After 100 episodes, man, I had to chill
I had to stick to the herb, had to keep my mind still
So I went to Arizona to escape my blues
That paradise bird sang
and my life will never ever, ever, ever end the same

Arizona, Arizona you were good to me
With you everyday was a party
And the crystals they were crystal clear
When you around there wasn't a sad moment near

Apartment 103, yeah, Prentiss Creek
No nights were dry, yeah, Ray Ray's treat
My ceiling caved in Thanksgiving Week
And now they want to sue me for breaking their lease
That's my Arizona Stand! Livin life without a plan!

I'd like to send a loud shout out to Federal Express
And Western Union for life without any stress
A zee by way of Concord, you knew that drop was in
All systems clear, Charlie have no fear, now let the bills rollin

Bringing it down, roll with it

It was the time of my life last summer
I was under the impression reality could never be recovered
Again, my friend, as I can recall some of the problems used be sosmall
Never thought twice about the end about the price
That we pay someday when we roll the dice
You win, you lose it's so easy to confuse
A bit of good luck with what we all knew
You got to come to grips with eventually
I never thought about it, no, not me
But reality caught up to us, I remember
Monday morning, 9th of December
One moment was perfect next was hell
To think we thought we knew the game so well, oh well
Next months had learn come to
A part of growing up no one should ever have to do
I miss my friend I think about him everyday
And I never take advantage of a good thing, hey
Move on; short time that we have
But nothing lasts forever man

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