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You And Me

Ly Victor

I see couples walking in the hall
hugging, kissing, loving and all
I had a dream that was you and me
I thought it would happen, eventually
and in my dream I was holding you
I said I love you and you said it too
We walked together everywhere
I touched you softly while caressing your hair
You put your head on my shoulder to rest
the thing my shoulder is used for best
In my dream I made everything just right
to suit your gentle body all through the night
Nothing could go wrong in my dream
but then I woke up, and I just wanna scream
After that I could not sleep
I tried everything, even counting sheep
But all I could do was think of you
and of all the things that I could not do
Because in reality like today
you'll never let me treat you in that way
I wished that I could but it won't come true
I could never admit that I love you
And I think of this all through the night
only in my dreams could I hold you tight
But one day it all came true
the dream I had of me and you
I couldn't think of anything
but how much I love you.

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