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Everything About You (Beauty Queen Extended Version)

Ly Victor

My friends asked me what I saw in you
Yes you are beautiful, they agree too
They say that you are not my type
But I tell them to stop all their gripe

Day has turned into night
and still you're not here, nowhere in sight
As I pull out the picture of you in a frame
I look at it, and know I am not to blame

You are as beautiful as they come
No need for me to play all dumb

I run my fingers down your face in the picture
And in my mind your image begin to stir

No, it's not the way you walk
and it's not the way you talk
It's not the way you look
But for some reason, you have gotten me hooked

I was walking down the street the next day
When I saw you close by; I didn't know what to say
I didn't want to act like a fool
But that's exactly how you make me feel around you
A fool who has fallen for you
Baby, it's true, it's true

A smile and a wave was all it took
For me to read you like a book
I finally realized....
It is the way you walk
And it is the way you talk
Definitely, it is the way you look
And I knew why you have gotten me hooked

I just wanted you to know
From your head to your toe
I love everything about you;
The way you wear your beautiful hair
Long, short, I don't even care
And when you flash your lovely smile
That itself, makes my memories worthwhile
And when you speak up with your soft, tender voice
The way you talk make you my number one choice
As you stare across the room with your big bright eyes
dancing, dancing, like a star in the sky

Everything looks so great on you
dress or jeans, you're still my queen
Oh beauty queen,
you're a cut above those actresses on the screen
Never have I seen beauty so real, so true
No such beauty until I saw you

You've got everything: soul, spirit and looks
Oh girl, you've gotten me hooked
Baby, outside and inside;
can you ever be my bride?
Honey, my beauty queen
can I possibly be your king?

So it is the way you walk
And it is the way you talk
It is the way you look
Those are the reasons why you have gotten me hooked

My memories of you are like a lullaby
One that puts me to peaceful sleep, every time
Oh honey, can you just let our love be?
Let whatever happen, and then we'll see
Don't you know that you're a queen?
You just walk right by, and you've made a scene
Cause everyone would turn their heads to look at you
And let me reassure you, it's true, it's true

Maybe I was put here on Earth to do one thing
To let you know that you're a queen while I give you this ring
A ring that'll seal our love and happiness
All you have to do is please say "Yes"
Everyday I'll remind you how beautiful you look
And why, in the first place, you got me hooked
And when we're still together, old and gray
I remind you that I love you, in every way
Cause I love everything about you, now and forever
And you're my beauty queen, come whenever

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