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Love Is In My Soul

M People

The world can beat me black 'n' blue.
It can hurt so much it's just not true.
Down and out and down at heel.
But it sure can't change the way I feel.
I feel a strength so deep within.
A love to wash away the sin.
Like the sound of the sea deep within a shell.
To make your heaven when all around is hell.


All manner of things can make me sing.
But love is in my soul, love is in my soul.
All manner of things can make me sing but love is in my soul.

The tension grows and clouds your eyes.
The swim upstream the bridge of sighs.
The stone cold walls and the metal jam.
The ugly roar of the dying man.
All these things that bring you down.
Mean nothing more than a laughing clown.
If you lift up your soul be strong be proud.
You'll never be just another face in the crowd.

Repeat chorus.

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