Yeah, you know I love having a studio at home
Because right when I walk in the booth
You know I, I take a sip of my drink
You know like, light a cigarette and walk up to the mic
And it's exactly the correct height for me
It definitely just makes me feel comfortable
You know, lets your mind be at ease
And I, noticed that, that uh, sometimes I rap with my rollie on
And sometimes I take it off

You ain't gotta worry if you're cold
Promise baby, I'll be there by tomorrow
If you love me then I'll be down for it all
Cause I ain't seen nobody like you
You look so good, when you walk by
I had to stop, you blow my high
A real angel bringing back to earth

Hi, I'm sitting in the clouds
Everything around seems different to me now
And this could be a change for the both of us
Get away from the world that's controlling us
It's only just me, I hope you trust me
You look a little nervous, keep adjusting
Your blouse that you got on
The buttons come undone
Let me know if you need me to put a fan on
I stand on the floor 'bout to collapse
The bliss turns to war, heart turns to ash
Fun turns to drugs, the idea of cash
Has taking away my mind
And I, think that its' a sign that
Your beauty handed me my mind back
My conscious will attempt to dissolve
I do some shit I won’t remember at all

My eyes is open, but I'm barely afraid
They say my codeine purpleand your beauty is- aye
That view taking me away, I'm smoking on that good cali
I'm getting higher than hollywood, get deeper than the valley
As you get lower, the low rider, your favorite ghost writer
We jumping the gun, I might go over beyond
Much is a one way ticket, don't know when you will return
I need to roll me a blunt, cause you done blew this joint
They say the stars all line up, then they bring out the sun
Hey this a red carpet event, I'm a bring out that one
She so sophisticated, I brought her presidential rollies
I'm no longer faded, she got me sober off of conversation

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