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  1. Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol Os Mutantes
  2. Panis Et Circenses Os Mutantes
  3. Gimme Some Lovin' Spencer Davis Group
  4. A Minha Menina Os Mutantes
  5. Balada Do Louco Os Mutantes
  6. Skin Game DIIV
  7. Everyday People Sly And The Family Stone
  8. Ando Meio Desligado Os Mutantes
  9. Hurdy Gurdy Man Donovan
  10. Vad Hände Med Dem? Brian Jonestown Massacre
  11. Mesmerise Temples
  12. Season Of The Witch Donovan
  13. Nevertheless Brian Jonestown Massacre
  14. Doused DIIV
  15. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) Sly And The Family Stone
  16. Lucifernandis Boogarins
  17. Anemone Brian Jonestown Massacre
  18. Can't Seem To Make You Mine The Seeds
  19. Hot Fun In The Summertime Sly And The Family Stone
  20. Another Me Peroxwhy?gen
  21. Certainty Temples
  22. Jennifer Juniper Donovan
  23. Hold On To Love Jon Anderson
  24. Colours Donovan
  25. Valentine DIIV
  26. Under The Sun DIIV
  27. Dia De Los Muertos Rezurex
  28. Alone Again Or L.O.V.E
  29. Dance To The Music Sly And The Family Stone
  30. Taker DIIV
  31. The Mat Quicksilver Messenger Service
  32. Mary, Please Brian Jonestown Massacre
  33. Laleña Donovan
  34. Pushin' Too Hard The Seeds
  35. Colours To Life Temples
  36. Stand Sly And The Family Stone
  37. Portugal de Navio Os Mutantes
  38. Keep In The Dark Temples
  39. Fresh Air Quicksilver Messenger Service
  40. Between Tides DIIV
  41. Sombra Ou Dúvida Boogarins
  42. A Soldier's Dream (Long Ago, Lazy Day) Donovan
  43. TOP TOP Os Mutantes
  44. Broke My Heart In Two Alma Thomas
  45. Follow DIIV
  46. Open Heart Surgery Brian Jonestown Massacre
  47. Fuck You For Fucking Me Brian Jonestown Massacre
  48. En Cada Lugar Federico Aubele
  49. Wiseblood Zola Jesus
  50. Move With The Season Temples
  51. Mellow Yellow Donovan
  52. Changes Donovan
  53. Ave Lúcifer Os Mutantes
  54. Take Your Time DIIV
  55. Cuerdo Boogarins
  56. Big Buddha Song Jon Anderson
  57. Dawn Brian Jonestown Massacre
  58. Haleluia Os Mutantes
  59. Brother Sun, Sister Moon Donovan
  60. Wisdom Brian Jonestown Massacre
  61. VIetnam song (Woodstock '69) Country Joe and the Fish
  62. Sunshine Superman Donovan
  63. Family Affair Sly And The Family Stone
  64. Baby Os Mutantes
  65. Out Of Mind DIIV
  66. If I Were With Her Now Spiritualized
  67. Life In A Northern Town The Dream Academy
  68. Where Did You Go Jets Overhead
  69. Baby Os Mutantes
  70. Joe Bean's Theme Donovan
  71. Medication Spiritualized
  72. Maybe Tomorrow Brian Jonestown Massacre
  73. Miss June '75 Brian Jonestown Massacre
  74. Similar Creatures Peroxwhy?gen
  75. Hey Dude Kula Shaker
  76. Trem Fantasma Os Mutantes
  77. She's My Shoo Shoo Os Mutantes
  78. Cavaleiros Negros Os Mutantes
  79. Rita Lee Os Mutantes
  80. There Was a Time Donovan
  81. Silver Machine Hawkwind
  82. August L.O.V.E
  83. Life Sly And The Family Stone
  84. Holding On Paatos
  85. Room 23 Shpongle
  86. Witches Garden Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  87. Strange Or Be Forgotten Temples
  88. I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night Electric Prunes
  89. Gokula Kula Shaker
  90. Space Caravan Kula Shaker
  91. Look At Us Paatos
  92. Your Misery Paatos
  93. Super God Som imaginário
  94. Hey Boy Os Mutantes
  95. Fall Back Zola Jesus
  96. Healthy Moon DIIV
  97. Deep Peace Donovan
  98. Cuttin' Out Donovan
  99. Olias Jon Anderson
  100. Fire Brothers Quicksilver Messenger Service
  101. Quits Paatos
  102. Salvação Pela Macrobiótica Som imaginário
  103. Adelle Yvonne Marty Willson-Piper
  104. Everyday Is Haloween Rezurex
  105. Don't Bogart That Joint Country Joe and the Fish
  106. Corazón Federico Aubele
  107. I'll Cut You Down Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  108. Curry Land Donovan
  109. The Ballad of Geraldine Donovan
  110. Tattva Kula Shaker
  111. Deborah Jon Anderson
  112. Horizon Jon Anderson
  113. Freeway Flyer Quicksilver Messenger Service
  114. Keep On Runnin' Spencer Davis Group
  115. Reality Paatos
  116. Prozac Vs. Heroin Brian Jonestown Massacre
  117. Quem Tem Medo de Brincar de Amor Os Mutantes
  118. Posso perder minha mulher, minha mãe, desde que eu tenha o rock and roll Os Mutantes
  119. Death's Door Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  120. Mario de Andrade / Selvagem Boogarins
  121. Pamela Jo Donovan
  122. Mother Beautiful Sly And The Family Stone
  123. Ballad of Jim Jones Brian Jonestown Massacre
  124. Divine Moments Of Truth Shpongle
  125. Vida De Cachorro Os Mutantes
  126. Benvinda Os Mutantes
  127. Electric Sun Uli Jon Roth
  128. Evil Love Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  129. Clara Clairvoyant Donovan
  130. Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey Sly And The Family Stone
  131. This Love Daniel Ash
  132. Magdalene Gong
  133. Absinth Minded Paatos
  134. Cidadão da Terra Os Mutantes
  135. Marcianita Os Mutantes
  136. Blue Kiss Rezurex
  137. Nativity Zola Jesus
  138. Crazy Alma Thomas
  139. Falsa Folha de Rosto Boogarins
  140. Open Air Temples
  141. Govinda Kula Shaker
  142. Persephone Kula Shaker
  143. Now A Man The Seeds
  144. Arkansas Revisited Brian Jonestown Massacre
  145. El Justiciero Os Mutantes
  146. Envelope Peroxwhy?gen
  147. If Dirty Little Rabbits
  148. Vessel Zola Jesus
  149. Te Quero Longe Boogarins
  150. Sun Structures Temples
  151. The Voyage Of The Moon Donovan
  152. Riki Tiki Tavi Donovan
  153. Mansion In The Sky Brian Jonestown Massacre
  154. Untitled (Methodrone) Brian Jonestown Massacre
  155. Desculpe, Babe Os Mutantes
  156. Oshin (Subsume) DIIV
  157. Yr Not Far DIIV
  158. Auchma Boogarins
  159. Car Car Donovan
  160. Riding in My Car (Car Song) Donovan
  161. S.O.S. Kula Shaker
  162. Sleeping Jiva Kula Shaker
  163. You Set The Scene L.O.V.E
  164. Everybody Loves You Jon Anderson
  165. I'm A Man Spencer Davis Group
  166. In Time Paatos
  167. Physical Else Peroxwhy?gen
  168. Hikikomori Zola Jesus
  169. Under The Bridge Alma Thomas
  170. Bye, Bye Girl Donovan
  171. Chelsea Daniel Ash
  172. Somebody Help Me Spencer Davis Group
  173. In my life Brian Jonestown Massacre
  174. El Justiceiro Os Mutantes
  175. Dois Mil e Um Os Mutantes
  176. The Guesser Temples
  177. (I Want To Be Your) Mirror Temples
  178. If You Want Me To Stay Sly And The Family Stone
  179. Deseo Jon Anderson
  180. Don't Cry My Lady Love Quicksilver Messenger Service
  181. Obsolete Peroxwhy?gen
  182. I'll Be Loving You Always Uli Jon Roth
  183. Rolling In The Deep Alma Thomas
  184. Little Girl Spiritualized
  185. Always Forgetting With You Spiritualized
  186. Two Fingers Pointing On You The Seeds
  187. Is That All? Paatos
  188. Just For Today Brian Jonestown Massacre
  189. Once Upon The Sea of Blissful Awareness Shpongle
  190. Melody Lane Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  191. Human DIIV
  192. Every Breath You Take Nei Van Soria
  193. Sensor Paatos
  194. If I Love You? Brian Jonestown Massacre
  195. Nightbird Brian Jonestown Massacre
  196. At The Edge Of The Wood Dead Meadow
  197. Sagitarius Os Mutantes
  198. Indian Dawn Uli Jon Roth
  199. Pusher Man Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  200. Foimal Boogarins
  201. Jewel Of Mine Eye Temples
  202. Cabelo Dom Pepo
  203. Codine Donovan
  204. Goldwatch Blues Donovan
  205. Voyage Into The Golden Screen Donovan
  206. Monkey Island 13th Floor Elevators
  207. So Long You Pretty Thing Spiritualized
  208. Christie Jon Anderson
  209. This Child Jon Anderson
  210. Omaha Moby Grape
  211. Ain´t No Use Moby Grape
  212. Mr. Farmer The Seeds
  213. Dive Into Yesterday Kaleidoscope
  214. Poem Kaleidoscope
  215. Egyptian Gardens Kaleidoscope
  216. Song For Frisco Quicksilver Messenger Service
  217. Doin' Time In The U.S.A. Quicksilver Messenger Service
  218. Ghost Writer Daniel Ash
  219. Sold To The Highest Buddha Gong
  220. And You Tried So Hard Gong
  221. Tropical Fish/Selene Gong
  222. Spygirl Daphne & Celeste
  223. A Life-time Before Earth And Fire
  224. Love Is An Ocean Earth And Fire
  225. Wish You Were Here Earth And Fire
  226. Where Where You Earth And Fire
  227. From The End Till The Beginning Earth And Fire
  228. Sittin' And Thinkin' Spencer Davis Group
  229. Bróder Anjo Os The Darma Lóvers
  230. Bela Flor Os The Darma Lóvers
  231. Seres Estranhos Os The Darma Lóvers
  232. Câncer Supercordas
  233. A Charneca Supercordas
  234. Ninguém Conquista a Noiva Dançando Supercordas
  235. Shame Paatos
  236. Make Believe Waltz Som imaginário
  237. Going to Hell Brian Jonestown Massacre
  238. Malela Brian Jonestown Massacre
  239. In India You Brian Jonestown Massacre
  240. Jennifer Brian Jonestown Massacre
  241. Feel so good Brian Jonestown Massacre
  242. Leave nothing for Sancho Brian Jonestown Massacre
  243. Wasted Brian Jonestown Massacre
  244. Memory Camp Brian Jonestown Massacre
  245. Lucy September The Dream Academy
  246. Cascade Marty Willson-Piper
  247. Listen/Space Marty Willson-Piper
  248. Staring At The Gun Marty Willson-Piper
  249. Will I Start To Bleed Marty Willson-Piper
  250. Zeven Brieven Frans Bauer
  251. Arriverderci ciao amor Frans Bauer
  252. De liefdestango Frans Bauer
  253. Ga niet weg Frans Bauer
  254. Ik kan geen tranen van je zien Frans Bauer
  255. Jouw ogen liegen niet Frans Bauer
  256. Mijn hart Frans Bauer
  257. Vandaag Frans Bauer
  258. Zomer in Griekenland Frans Bauer
  259. n Moeder Benje Niet Voor Even Frans Bauer
  260. Albert Hofmann Laranja Freak
  261. Tempting By The Cunt Black Countess
  262. Demonica Black Countess
  263. Great Inquisitor Morrah
  264. Valley Of The Kings Xenomorph
  265. Everything's Going On Dead Meadow
  266. Dusty Nothing Dead Meadow
  267. Around The World in a Tea Daze Shpongle
  268. POLAROID Rafael Castro
  269. O Elo Perdido Do Futuro Rafael Castro
  270. Vou Te Encher De Birinight Rafael Castro
  271. Cantor Rafael Castro
  272. Quer Dirigir o Ônibus da Minha Banda No Ano Que Vem Rafael Castro
  273. Lixo Rafael Castro
  274. Gente de Quem Rafael Castro
  275. Comofas Rafael Castro
  276. Esquizofrenia Os Mutantes
  277. Meu Refrigerador Não Funciona Os Mutantes
  278. Balada do Amigo Os Mutantes
  279. Algo Mais Os Mutantes
  280. Tiroleite Os Mutantes
  281. Bagdah Blues Os Mutantes
  282. Black And Gray Os Mutantes
  283. Cores de Domingo Os Skywalkers
  284. Modest Peroxwhy?gen
  285. Resurrected Peroxwhy?gen
  286. Rebelyes Peroxwhy?gen
  287. Janis Country Joe and the Fish
  288. Mojo Navigator Country Joe and the Fish
  289. The Bomb Song (Reprise) Country Joe and the Fish
  290. Death Sound Blues Country Joe and the Fish
  291. Eu Vou Os Haxixins
  292. Que Nem Diamante Os Haxixins
  293. Fogo No Canavial Mercado de Peixe
  294. Malena Federico Aubele
  295. Hero Poet Dirty Little Rabbits
  296. Control The Mind Zanza Labs
  297. Deserto Ervilhas Astrais
  298. Night Zola Jesus
  299. Lick The Palm Of The Burning Handshake Zola Jesus
  300. Lawless Zola Jesus
  301. Tell It To The Willow Zola Jesus
  302. Pilot Light Zola Jesus
  303. Amor Pesado Tagore
  304. Concha Tagore
  305. Meu Rumo Visagem
  306. Desert Ceremony Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  307. Downtown Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  308. Do What Your Love Tells You Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  309. Dopamine DIIV
  310. Paul Boogarins
  311. Polução Noturna Boogarins
  312. Truques Boogarins
  313. Ankh Temples
  314. A Cidade Dom Pepo
  315. Ophelia's Lament Coven 13
  316. Aye My Love Donovan
  317. Cosmic Wheels Donovan
  318. Guinevere Donovan
  319. Lazy Daze Donovan
  320. Museum Donovan
  321. The Divine Daze Of Deathless Delight Donovan
  322. The Owl And The Pussycat Donovan
  323. To Susan On The West Coast Waiting Donovan
  324. Youre Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond Donovan
  325. I Love you Baby Donovan
  326. House of Jansch Donovan
  327. The Ordinary Family Donovan
  328. Under The Greenwood Tree Donovan
  329. Pebble and the Man Donovan
  330. Shape In The Sky Donovan
  331. Splash 1 13th Floor Elevators
  332. Never Another 13th Floor Elevators
  333. You Don't Know 13th Floor Elevators
  334. Song Of The Swords Hawkwind
  335. Death Trap Hawkwind
  336. Jack Of Shadows Hawkwind
  337. Rocky Paths Hawkwind
  338. Time We Left This World Today Hawkwind
  339. Sweet Obsession Hawkwind
  340. Confrontation Hawkwind
  341. Kapal Hawkwind
  342. Only The Dead Dreams Of The Cold War Kid Hawkwind
  343. Raping Robots In The Street Hawkwind
  344. Transdimensional Man Hawkwind
  345. Brainbox Pollution Hawkwind
  346. Great Hosannah Kula Shaker
  347. Avalonia Kula Shaker
  348. Die for Love Kula Shaker
  349. Troubadour Kula Shaker
  350. And More L.O.V.E
  351. She Comes In Colors L.O.V.E
  352. Milagres acontecem L.O.V.E
  353. paradise L.O.V.E
  354. Ode To My Family Sly And The Family Stone
  355. Time For Livin' Sly And The Family Stone
  356. Best Day Ever Sly And The Family Stone
  357. Calling Again Spiritualized
  358. Sway Spiritualized
  359. Soul On Fire Spiritualized
  360. Life Is A Problem Spiritualized
  361. Vai Chover Nei Van Soria
  362. Isso Inclui Você Nei Van Soria
  363. Outra Vez Nei Van Soria
  364. Tudo Que Você Tem Nei Van Soria
  365. Sopra O Vento Nei Van Soria
  366. Fale Mal de Mim Nei Van Soria
  367. Free (Some Would Say) Jon Anderson
  368. The More You Know Jon Anderson
  369. Building Bridges Jon Anderson
  370. Good Day Morning Jon Anderson
  371. My Sweet Jane Jon Anderson
  372. Sundancing (For The Hopi/Navajo Energy) Jon Anderson
  373. Living Tree - Pt. 1 Jon Anderson
  374. Cafe Jon Anderson
  375. Naked, If I Want To Moby Grape
  376. Lazy Me Moby Grape
  377. Do It Again For Jeffrey Kaleidoscope
  378. Ravenswing Kaleidoscope
  379. I Found Out Kaleidoscope
  380. The Fool Quicksilver Messenger Service
  381. Long Haired Lady Quicksilver Messenger Service
  382. Hollywood Fix Daniel Ash
  383. The Isle Of Everywhere Gong
  384. Bodilingus Gong
  385. Selene Gong
  386. Star Club Daphne & Celeste
  387. A Princess In Egypt Earth And Fire
  388. Love Is To Give Away Earth And Fire
  389. You Earth And Fire
  390. Wild And Exciting Earth And Fire
  391. Invitation Earth And Fire
  392. Midnight Special Spencer Davis Group
  393. Retirado Os The Darma Lóvers
  394. Júlia Os The Darma Lóvers
  395. Um Milhão de Anos Os The Darma Lóvers
  396. O Céu Que Você Vê Supercordas
  397. Ricochete Supercordas
  398. Maria³ Supercordas
  399. Still Standing Paatos
  400. A Nova Estrela Som imaginário
  401. Jesus Brian Jonestown Massacre
  402. Let Me Stand Next To Your Flower Brian Jonestown Massacre
  403. Bring Me The Head Of Paul McCartney On Heather Mill's Wooden Peg (Dropping Bombs On The White House) Brian Jonestown Massacre
  404. Let´s pretend it´s summer Brian Jonestown Massacre
  405. Wasting away Brian Jonestown Massacre
  406. Unknown Brian Jonestown Massacre
  407. Love The Dream Academy
  408. The Party The Dream Academy
  409. Come Marty Willson-Piper
  410. Luscious Ghost Marty Willson-Piper
  411. Swan Marty Willson-Piper
  412. Winter Splinter Bay Marty Willson-Piper
  413. 'n Moeder ben je niet maar even Frans Bauer
  414. Bedankt Frans Bauer
  415. De luchtballon Frans Bauer
  416. Geef ons nog een kans Frans Bauer
  417. Ik kan van jou geen afscheid nemen Frans Bauer
  418. Jouw ogen stralen als de zon Frans Bauer
  419. Morgenvroeg ben jij mijn bruid Frans Bauer
  420. Viva holiday Frans Bauer
  421. Zoveel dagen zoveel nachten Frans Bauer
  422. Mijn Hart Gaat Boem, Boem, Boem Frans Bauer
  423. Alérgico À Flores Laranja Freak
  424. The Chamber Of Sapphic Vice Black Countess
  425. The Mystery Of A Witching Forest Black Countess
  426. Living Dead Community Morrah
  427. Inducted Throughout Time Xenomorph
  428. White Out Jets Overhead
  429. Get up on down Dead Meadow
  430. Either Way Dead Meadow
  431. Behind Close Eyelids Shpongle
  432. Fobia Aguda de Pessoas Que Batucam Mal Rafael Castro
  433. O Que Diabos Uma Drag Queen Quer? Rafael Castro
  434. A Caneta Rafael Castro
  435. Deus Rafael Castro
  436. Susaninha Rafael Castro
  437. Lembra? Rafael Castro
  438. Oscar Wilde Rafael Castro
  439. Inner Bright Time Lock
  440. Senhor F Os Mutantes
  441. Lady Lady Os Mutantes
  442. O Contrário de Nada É Nada Os Mutantes
  443. Benvindos Os Mutantes
  444. Fuga N° II Os Mutantes
  445. A voz do morto Os Mutantes
  446. Querida Querida Os Mutantes
  447. Papo Furado Com Irene Os Skywalkers
  448. Saudação Os Skywalkers
  449. September Day Peroxwhy?gen
  450. Presence Peroxwhy?gen
  451. Kiss My Ass Country Joe and the Fish
  452. Bright Suburban Mr. & Mrs. Clean Machine Country Joe and the Fish
  453. Acid Commercial Country Joe and the Fish
  454. Sad And Lonely Times Country Joe and the Fish
  455. Voltei Demente Os Haxixins
  456. Mulher Fantasia Os Haxixins
  457. Trans Rondon Express Mercado de Peixe
  458. Lluvia Federico Aubele
  459. O Pródigo Das Asas De Cera Devendra
  460. Garota Chubi Chubi Ervilhas Astrais
  461. Minha Praia É a Lua Alaídenegão
  462. Run Me Out Zola Jesus
  463. Poor Animal Zola Jesus
  464. Nail Zola Jesus
  465. In Hiding From The Crow Zola Jesus
  466. Bound Zola Jesus
  467. Crença Tagore
  468. Ilha Yoshimi Tagore
  469. Mais Um Presente Pra Ela Visagem
  470. Follow The Leader Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  471. Murder Nights Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  472. Lonely And Strange Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  473. Waste Of Breath DIIV
  474. Blankenship DIIV
  475. Despreocupar Boogarins
  476. Lá Vem a Morte, Pt. 3 Boogarins
  477. San Lorenzo Boogarins
  478. Prisms Temples
  479. Valeu Villão Dom Pepo
  480. Haunted Coven 13
  481. Brother Sun Donovan
  482. Ballad Of A Crystal Man Donovan
  483. Coulter's Candy Donovan
  484. Half Moon Bay Donovan
  485. Legend Of A Girl Child Linda Donovan
  486. My Love Is True Love Song Donovan
  487. She Donovan
  488. The Entertaining Of A Shy Girl Donovan
  489. The Pee Song Donovan
  490. To Try For The Sun Donovan
  491. Epistle to Derroll Donovan
  492. Isle Of Islay Donovan
  493. I Love My Shirt Donovan
  494. Homesickness Donovan
  495. The Mandolin Man And His Secret Donovan
  496. Till I See You Again Donovan
  497. Runaway Donovan
  498. Summertime Blues Donovan
  499. 3t 13th Floor Elevators
  500. Scarlet And Gold 13th Floor Elevators
  501. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love 13th Floor Elevators
  502. Spirit Of The Age Hawkwind
  503. Disintegration Hawkwind
  504. Kadu Flyer Hawkwind
  505. Sleep Of A Thousand Tears Hawkwind
  506. Utopia '84 Hawkwind
  507. Dealing With The Devil Hawkwind
  508. Conjuration Of Magnu Hawkwind
  509. Kings Of Speed Hawkwind
  510. Orgone Accumulator Hawkwind
  511. Running Through The Back Brain Hawkwind
  512. Treadmill Hawkwind
  513. Sword Of The East Hawkwind
  514. Goodbye Tin Terriers Kula Shaker
  515. Great Dictator (Of The Free World) Kula Shaker
  516. Sister Breeze Kula Shaker
  517. Bummer In The Summer L.O.V.E
  518. Signed D.C. L.O.V.E
  519. Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale L.O.V.E
  520. remember L.O.V.E
  521. This Is Love Sly And The Family Stone
  522. Stop Your Crying Spiritualized
  523. Cavalier Spiritualized
  524. Oh Happy Day Spiritualized
  525. These Blues Spiritualized
  526. Borrowed Your Gun Spiritualized
  527. Too Late Spiritualized
  528. Susie Nei Van Soria
  529. Nei Van Soria
  530. Satisfação Nei Van Soria
  531. Lembra Nei Van Soria
  532. Diversões Pesadas Nei Van Soria
  533. Baita Nei Van Soria
  534. Gimme Love Jon Anderson
  535. Where Were You Jon Anderson
  536. Cage Of Freedom Jon Anderson
  537. He Is Sailing Jon Anderson
  538. Naon Jon Anderson
  539. Take A Little Time Out Jon Anderson
  540. Living Tree - Pt. 2 Jon Anderson
  541. Seasons Jon Anderson
  542. 8-05 Moby Grape
  543. I Am Not Willing Moby Grape
  544. Flight From Ashiya Kaleidoscope
  545. Don't Dream About Jack Kaleidoscope
  546. Richard and I Kaleidoscope
  547. Colours Kaleidoscope
  548. Codine Quicksilver Messenger Service
  549. Kid 2000 Daniel Ash
  550. Givin My Love To You Gong
  551. Brainwash Me Gong
  552. Wingful Of Eyes Gong
  553. Ooh Stick You! Daphne & Celeste
  554. Andromeda Girl Earth And Fire
  555. Love Of Life Earth And Fire
  556. 21st Century Show Earth And Fire
  557. You Know The Way Earth And Fire
  558. What a Difference Does It Make Earth And Fire
  559. Together Till The End Of Time Spencer Davis Group
  560. Simplesmente Os The Darma Lóvers
  561. A Teia da Tela Os The Darma Lóvers
  562. Frágil Felicidade Os The Darma Lóvers
  563. Ruradélica Supercordas
  564. Quase-fim Supercordas
  565. Happiness Paatos
  566. Téa Paatos
  567. Você Tem Que Saber Som imaginário
  568. Monkey Puzzle Brian Jonestown Massacre
  569. No Come Down Brian Jonestown Massacre
  570. Caress Brian Jonestown Massacre
  571. Love Brian Jonestown Massacre
  572. You have been disconnected Brian Jonestown Massacre
  573. Love Parade The Dream Academy
  574. 4 The Dream Academy
  575. Even Though You Are My Friend Marty Willson-Piper
  576. Melancholy Girl Marty Willson-Piper
  577. The Lantern Marty Willson-Piper
  578. Wondering Marty Willson-Piper
  579. 'n Trein naar niemandsland Frans Bauer
  580. Bella Maria Frans Bauer
  581. De regenboog Frans Bauer
  582. Hasta la vista Frans Bauer
  583. Ik lach als de zon schijnt Frans Bauer
  584. Jouw ogen zeggen meer Frans Bauer
  585. Nu zijn wij alle twee artiesten Frans Bauer
  586. Viva l'amore Frans Bauer
  587. Zuidenwind Frans Bauer
  588. Mijn Hart Gaat Zo Tekee Frans Bauer
  589. Pra Lá de Bagdá Laranja Freak
  590. The Portrait Black Countess
  591. Red Carnations And Bloodstained Lingerie Black Countess
  592. My Bleeding Heart Morrah
  593. Subspecies Xenomorph
  594. This Way Jets Overhead
  595. Good Moanin Dead Meadow
  596. Babbling Flower Dead Meadow
  597. My Head Feels Like a Frisbee Shpongle
  598. Getting No California Rafael Castro
  599. Ode Ao Companheiro Vagabundo Rafael Castro
  600. Depois da Noite de Chuva Rafael Castro
  601. E Agora, Wilson Breda? Rafael Castro
  602. They Can't Complain Rafael Castro
  603. Let Me Enjoy Myself Rafael Castro
  604. Conjura do Matuto Rafael Castro
  605. Return of The Machines Time Lock
  606. Le Premier Bonheur du Jour Os Mutantes
  607. Amor Em Branco E Preto Os Mutantes
  608. Frique Comigo Os Mutantes
  609. Agora Quem Vai Rir Os Skywalkers
  610. Irene Caiu Os Skywalkers
  611. Every other Day Peroxwhy?gen
  612. Obtuse Peroxwhy?gen
  613. Mara Country Joe and the Fish
  614. Good Guys/Bad Guys Cheer Country Joe and the Fish
  615. Thursday Country Joe and the Fish
  616. Love Country Joe and the Fish
  617. Espelho invisivel Os Haxixins
  618. Marujo Os Haxixins
  619. Postales Federico Aubele
  620. Las Canciones Federico Aubele
  621. Elegia Devendra
  622. Sem Gravidade (O Buraco) Ervilhas Astrais
  623. Mulher de Olinda Alaídenegão
  624. Trust Me Zola Jesus
  625. Smireneye Zola Jesus
  626. Exhumed Zola Jesus
  627. Lullaby In Tongues Zola Jesus
  628. Vacant Zola Jesus
  629. Enciclopédia do Ser Tagore
  630. Pineal Tagore
  631. Déjà Vú Visagem
  632. Under The Spell Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  633. Waiting For Blood Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  634. Wait DIIV
  635. Dust DIIV
  636. Acheron DIIV
  637. Olhos Boogarins
  638. Lá Vem a Morte, Pt. 1 Boogarins
  639. Resolvi Ir Boogarins
  640. Alma Dom Pepo
  641. Hold On Coven 13
  642. Celeste Donovan
  643. Barabajagal Donovan
  644. Cryin' Shame Donovan
  645. Hampstead Incident Donovan
  646. Liberation Rag Donovan
  647. Nirvana Donovan
  648. Sleep Donovan
  649. The Evernow Donovan
  650. The Road Donovan
  651. Trudi Donovan
  652. International Man Donovan
  653. How Silly Donovan
  654. High Your Love Donovan
  655. The Magpie Donovan
  656. Sadness Donovan
  657. Beat Cafe Donovan
  658. Don't Fall Down 13th Floor Elevators
  659. Street Song 13th Floor Elevators
  660. Standing At The Edge Hawkwind
  661. Down Through The Night Hawkwind
  662. Kerb Crawler Hawkwind
  663. Social Alliance Hawkwind
  664. Waiting For Tomorrow Hawkwind
  665. It's so easy Hawkwind
  666. Dead Gods Homecoming Hawkwind
  667. Lighthouse Hawkwind
  668. Oscillations Hawkwind
  669. Sadness Runs Deep Hawkwind
  670. Tv Suicide Hawkwind
  671. Free Fall (Long Version) Hawkwind
  672. Hollow Man Kula Shaker
  673. Fairyland Kula Shaker
  674. Strangefolk Kula Shaker
  675. High In Heaven Kula Shaker
  676. Can't Explain L.O.V.E
  677. Softly To Me L.O.V.E
  678. heart L.O.V.E
  679. Spaced Cowboy Sly And The Family Stone
  680. Don't Just Do Something Spiritualized
  681. Come On Down Spiritualized
  682. Oh Daisy Spiritualized
  683. Think I'm In Love Spiritualized
  684. Harmony 1 Spiritualized
  685. Mary Spiritualized
  686. O Tempo Nei Van Soria
  687. Velho Amigo Nei Van Soria
  688. Tempestade Nei Van Soria
  689. Nova Religião Nei Van Soria
  690. Carro Roubado Nei Van Soria
  691. 30 Anos e 3 Minutos Nei Van Soria
  692. Heaven's Love Jon Anderson
  693. Youth Jon Anderson
  694. Chagall Duet Jon Anderson
  695. Hear It Jon Anderson
  696. New Civilization Jon Anderson
  697. Take Your Time Jon Anderson
  698. Just One Man Jon Anderson
  699. Bridges Jon Anderson
  700. Changes Moby Grape
  701. The murder of Lewis Tollani Kaleidoscope
  702. Dust Kaleidoscope
  703. Snapdragon Kaleidoscope
  704. Who Do You Love? Quicksilver Messenger Service
  705. Too Long Quicksilver Messenger Service
  706. Shady Grove Quicksilver Messenger Service
  707. Mastermind Daniel Ash
  708. Love Is How You Make It Gong
  709. Chandra Gong
  710. Shamal Gong
  711. The Camp Daphne & Celeste
  712. Carnaval Of The Animals Earth And Fire
  713. Love Please Close The Door Earth And Fire
  714. Atlantis Earth And Fire
  715. Bombay Calling Earth And Fire
  716. Dizzy Raptures Earth And Fire
  717. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out Spencer Davis Group
  718. Desapego Os The Darma Lóvers
  719. O Homem Que Calculava Os The Darma Lóvers
  720. (Uma Música Chamada) Silêncio Os The Darma Lóvers
  721. A Pior Das Alergias Supercordas
  722. Micro-confins (out-take) Supercordas
  723. They Are Beautiful Paatos
  724. Poison Som imaginário
  725. Monster Brian Jonestown Massacre
  726. Reign On Brian Jonestown Massacre
  727. Seer Brian Jonestown Massacre
  728. Nailing Honey To The Bee Brian Jonestown Massacre
  729. Courtney Taylor Brian Jonestown Massacre
  730. Maryanne Brian Jonestown Massacre
  731. Time Is Honey (So Cut the Shit) Brian Jonestown Massacre
  732. The Edge of Forever The Dream Academy
  733. Lowlands The Dream Academy
  734. Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime The Dream Academy
  735. Evil Queen of England Marty Willson-Piper
  736. Melancholy God Marty Willson-Piper
  737. The Saddest House In Stockholm Marty Willson-Piper
  738. Wreck (A Sea Shanty) Marty Willson-Piper
  739. 't Is zomertijd Frans Bauer
  740. Bella Napoli Frans Bauer
  741. De spiegel van het leven Frans Bauer
  742. Heel mijn leven Frans Bauer
  743. Ik leef alleen voor jou Frans Bauer
  744. Jouw tranen zal ik nooit vergeten Frans Bauer
  745. Onze droom (Bright eyes) Frans Bauer
  746. Vrij zijn als 'n vogel Frans Bauer
  747. 'n Ons geluk Frans Bauer
  748. Your Hands a1000noacido
  749. Rogar Uma Praga Laranja Freak
  750. The Queen Of The Fourth Dimension Black Countess
  751. Rest in Pieces Headmeat
  752. Untimely Deceased Morrah
  753. Plight Of The Cimmerian Xenomorph
  754. No Nations Jets Overhead
  755. Heaven Dead Meadow
  756. I'm Gone Dead Meadow
  757. (eu Preciso Parar De) Fumar Rafael Castro
  758. Pare De Me Atormentar Rafael Castro
  759. Totalmente Por Fora Rafael Castro
  760. 2089 - Uma Canção Para Meu Neto Rafael Castro
  761. Que Saudade do Meu Cabelo Rafael Castro
  762. Ah, É? Ah, Tá! Rafael Castro
  763. Esse Negócio de Se Preocupar Rafael Castro
  764. Tempo No Tempo Os Mutantes
  765. Rolling Stone Os Mutantes
  766. Tecnicolor Os Mutantes
  767. Hey Tu Os Mutantes
  768. Qualquer Bobagem Os Mutantes
  769. Beija-me Amor Os Mutantes
  770. Teimosa Os Mutantes
  771. Correndo Atrás do Perigo Os Skywalkers
  772. A Felicidade Beat Boys
  773. Burnt Page Peroxwhy?gen
  774. Humanomoly Peroxwhy?gen
  775. Reflection Peroxwhy?gen
  776. Rockin' Round the World Country Joe and the Fish
  777. The Streets Of Your Town Country Joe and the Fish
  778. Here I Go Again Country Joe and the Fish
  779. Grace Country Joe and the Fish
  780. Depois De Um LSD Os Haxixins
  781. Eu Vou de Novo Os Haxixins
  782. Ante Tus Ojos Federico Aubele
  783. La Orilla Federico Aubele
  784. Lo-debar a Peniel Devendra
  785. Eu não sei dançar Ervilhas Astrais
  786. Zapata Alaídenegão
  787. Stridulum Zola Jesus
  788. Collapse Zola Jesus
  789. Soak Zola Jesus
  790. Devil Take You Zola Jesus
  791. Days Grow Older Zola Jesus
  792. Poliglota Tagore
  793. Pasto Tagore
  794. Covarde Visagem
  795. Valley Of The Dolls Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  796. Bambi Slaughter DIIV
  797. Loose Ends DIIV
  798. Lorelei DIIV
  799. Benzin Boogarins
  800. Corredor Polonês Boogarins
  801. Partido Pelado Dom Pepo
  802. This I Know Coven 13
  803. A Sunny Day Donovan
  804. Be Mine Donovan
  805. Dare To Be Different Donovan
  806. Happiness Runs Donovan
  807. Life Goes On Donovan
  808. Oh Deed I Do Donovan
  809. Slow Down World Donovan
  810. The Fat Angel Donovan
  811. The Seller Of Stars Donovan
  812. Universe Am I Donovan
  813. Sing My Song Donovan
  814. Lord of the Dance Donovan
  815. Dark-Eyed Blue Jean Angel Donovan
  816. Hi It's Been A Long Time Donovan
  817. The Land Of Doesn't Have To Be Donovan
  818. The Garden Donovan
  819. The Ballad of a Crystal Man Donovan
  820. Reverberation 13th Floor Elevators
  821. Till Then 13th Floor Elevators
  822. Quark Strangeness And Charm Hawkwind
  823. The Demented Man Hawkwind
  824. Dream Worker Hawkwind
  825. Levitation Hawkwind
  826. Sonic Attack Hawkwind
  827. Warriors Hawkwind
  828. 10 Seconds To Forever Hawkwind
  829. Dragons and Fables Hawkwind
  830. Lords Of Chaos Hawkwind
  831. Over The Top Live Hawkwind
  832. Shot Down In The Night Hawkwind
  833. Urban Guerilla Hawkwind
  834. Wheels Hawkwind
  835. I'm Still Here Kula Shaker
  836. Song Of Love / Narayana Kula Shaker
  837. Colored Balls Falling L.O.V.E
  838. Stephanie Knows Who L.O.V.E
  839. Your Friend And Mine - Neil's Song L.O.V.E
  840. Love Is More Than Words L.O.V.E
  841. Runnin Away Sly And The Family Stone
  842. Small Talk Sly And The Family Stone
  843. The Straight And The Narrow Spiritualized
  844. Come Together Spiritualized
  845. Out Of Sight Spiritualized
  846. Unseen Spiritualized
  847. I Gotta Fire Spiritualized
  848. I Am What I Am Spiritualized
  849. O Dia + Feliz Da Minha Vida Nei Van Soria
  850. A Mesma Canção Nei Van Soria
  851. Todo Lugar Nei Van Soria
  852. Tardes De Verão Nei Van Soria
  853. Sorte No Jogo E Azar No Amor Nei Van Soria
  854. Meus Olhos (part. Tati Portella) Nei Van Soria
  855. I Want To Learn More About You Jon Anderson
  856. Much Better Reason Jon Anderson
  857. Chords Jon Anderson
  858. Heart Of The Matter Jon Anderson
  859. O'er Jon Anderson
  860. That Crazy Wind Jon Anderson
  861. Loved By The Sun Jon Anderson
  862. A-DE-O Jon Anderson
  863. Come In The Morning Moby Grape
  864. A thousand shadows The Seeds
  865. In the Room Of Percussion Kaleidoscope
  866. Faintly Blowing Kaleidoscope
  867. Tender Is The Night Kaleidoscope
  868. Dino's Song Quicksilver Messenger Service
  869. What About Me? Quicksilver Messenger Service
  870. Which do You Love Quicksilver Messenger Service
  871. Not So Fast Daniel Ash
  872. Master Builder Gong
  873. Dynamite / I Am Your Animal Gong
  874. Tropical Fish Gong
  875. Schools Out Daphne & Celeste
  876. circus Earth And Fire
  877. Maybe Tomorrow Maybe Tonight Earth And Fire
  878. Can't Live Without It Anymore Earth And Fire
  879. Dreaming Earth And Fire
  880. Keep On Missing You Earth And Fire
  881. Diamante Os The Darma Lóvers
  882. Gigante Os The Darma Lóvers
  883. Ir Além Os The Darma Lóvers
  884. Toda Verdade Os The Darma Lóvers
  885. Frutas Verdes Supercordas
  886. Índico de Estrelas Supercordas
  887. Not if you were the last dandy on earth Brian Jonestown Massacre
  888. Satellite Brian Jonestown Massacre
  889. Sue Brian Jonestown Massacre
  890. Sailor Brian Jonestown Massacre
  891. Donovan said Brian Jonestown Massacre
  892. My man Syd Brian Jonestown Massacre
  893. It Girl Brian Jonestown Massacre
  894. Please, Please, Please, Let Me The Dream Academy
  895. Mercy Killing The Dream Academy
  896. 1929 Vintage Wine Marty Willson-Piper
  897. Fear Marty Willson-Piper
  898. Melody of the Rain Marty Willson-Piper
  899. Thirteen Marty Willson-Piper
  900. You Bring Your Love To Me Marty Willson-Piper
  901. 1000 Tranen Om Jou Frans Bauer
  902. Bij ieder afscheid valt 'n traan Frans Bauer
  903. Diana Frans Bauer
  904. Heimwee naar Santa Domingo Frans Bauer
  905. Ik leef nu met mijn stil verdriet Frans Bauer
  906. Julio Iglesias medley Frans Bauer
  907. Op de autobaan Frans Bauer
  908. Waarom ga jij naar die ander Frans Bauer
  909. Als het ja-woord klinkt Frans Bauer
  910. Promisses a1000noacido
  911. Minha Vez de Machucar Laranja Freak
  912. Vampiric Nymphomania Black Countess
  913. Bastard Child Headmeat
  914. For Honour And Land Morrah
  915. Wehrmacht Xenomorph
  916. Heading For Nowhere Jets Overhead
  917. I love you too Dead Meadow
  918. Me And The Devil Blues Dead Meadow
  919. Star Shpongled Banner Shpongle
  920. Ando Meio Sem Caráter Rafael Castro
  921. Pra Não Se Arrepender De Ser Um Nada Rafael Castro
  922. O Curioso Enterro da Drag Queen Rafael Castro
  923. Foi Porque Eu Bebi Rafael Castro
  924. TV Rafael Castro
  925. Haiti Rafael Castro
  926. Esperando a Mulher Dos Meu Sonhos Em Um Unicórnio Voador Rafael Castro
  927. Dom Quixote Os Mutantes
  928. Saravá Os Mutantes
  929. Loucura Pouca É Bobagem Os Mutantes
  930. Caminhante Noturno Os Mutantes
  931. Suicida Os Mutantes
  932. Superfície Do Planeta Os Mutantes
  933. No Futuro Os Skywalkers
  934. Prisoner Of Love Rezurex
  935. Challenges Peroxwhy?gen
  936. Soul Tied In a Knot, I Am Not Me. Peroxwhy?gen
  937. Submission Peroxwhy?gen
  938. She's a Bird Country Joe and the Fish
  939. The Harlem Song Country Joe and the Fish
  940. Donovan's Reef Country Joe and the Fish
  941. Marijuana Country Joe and the Fish
  942. A Beira da Loucura Os Haxixins
  943. Brasil Novo Mercado de Peixe
  944. Contigo Federico Aubele
  945. Hello Dirty Little Rabbits
  946. 72 Espinhos de Pureza Devendra
  947. Rock in Roll Alive Ervilhas Astrais
  948. Coumprida Alaídenegão
  949. Manifest Destiny Zola Jesus
  950. Heaven Sold You Back To Earth Zola Jesus
  951. Siphon Zola Jesus
  952. One More Take Alma Thomas
  953. Movido A Vapor Tagore
  954. Reflexo Tagore
  955. Over And Over Again Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  956. Down To The Fire Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  957. Crystal Spiders Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
  958. The Spark DIIV
  959. Avalanche Boogarins
  960. LVCO 4 Boogarins
  961. Shelter Song Temples
  962. Roman Godlike Man Temples
  963. Gato Preto Dom Pepo
  964. I'll Be Watching You Coven 13
  965. Belated Forgiveness Plea Donovan
  966. Henry Martin Donovan
  967. Little Ben Donovan
  968. Only The Blues Donovan
  969. Stealing Donovan
  970. The Hills Of Tuscany Donovan
  971. The Song Of Wandering Aengus Donovan
  972. Walking Donovan
  973. Good Morning Starshine Donovan
  974. Love of My Life Donovan
  975. Hey Gyp (dig The Slowness) Donovan
  976. The Heights of Alma Donovan
  977. The Enchanted Gypsy Donovan
  978. Sunny Goodge Street Donovan
  979. Get Me To The World On Time Electric Prunes
  980. Barnyard Blues 13th Floor Elevators
  981. With You 13th Floor Elevators
  982. Reefer Madness Hawkwind
  983. Uncle Sam's On Mars Hawkwind
  984. Dust Of Time Hawkwind
  985. Living On A Knife Edge Hawkwind
  986. Space Is Deep Hawkwind
  987. We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago Hawkwind
  988. 25 Years Hawkwind
  989. Elements Hawkwind
  990. LSD Hawkwind
  991. Paradox Hawkwind
  992. Sputnik Stan Hawkwind
  993. When you start to think of it Hawkwind
  994. Hush Kula Shaker
  995. Into The Deep Kula Shaker
  996. Red Ballon (Vishnu's Eyes) Kula Shaker
  997. Shadowlands Kula Shaker
  998. Let It In Kula Shaker
  999. Gazing L.O.V.E
  1000. Thank God It's Friday L.O.V.E