Heaven a place within your eyes
Forever I wear this second hand disguise
In time to find your world this lifetime disappears
We understand in space but not in time
My guardian is here I cannot understand imagine wanting nothing more
The angel you have been sending for now just do not turn away

Dreamer reaching in and finding out
A vision I must capture it somehow
The first light that cast a spell to later cry
Will always remain this force of life
Its power in a look of fire was calling your name
Do not you feel it? Believe it it is time to set emotions straight
This space is wasting a dream and it cannot wait

Here I am cross this bridge and come my way
The answer to a prayer a light for us to share in all our Glory someday
We will hold our lives as one and I will carry you until our Kingdom Come
Cannot you hear me?

Disbelief is why the spirit falls below
One to one is all the faith one needs to grow
This tension I feel is it really fair? One of you will have to leave here
These words will break the line that ties our worlds together and I will never go

Remember having dreams to share we have been taught to hide our fear
But now you cannot turn away

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