The ground is black, the cities burn and all our power's down
The final war declined the human race and shook the ground
Their hope is gone, like lemmings on a mountain they will fall
Let's take control and write a book of justice for them all

They praise our new messiah, to find salvation they give their alls
Let's save them from hell fire, stayed sheep come hear our call

We restore the land with their blood and hand
Write a new creation story
And they shall fear the smell of our made up hell
Pure salvation's all that they see
We will build a church of glory
Build a church
Build a church

The book we wrote is darker than all nightmares they once had
They praise our holy spirit every time they go to bed
And when they join our army they believe in a good 'cause
That enemies on earth are just materialized ghosts

Ringing bells, they're calling you; your prayers will be heard
Kneel before our altar friend and help us build a church

Let us build a church, our psalm is heard
We will build a church of glory

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