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Almost Diamonds

Marc Almond

You kissed my grateful skin
And left a chain of bites and bruises
I'm sorry when you grin
Almost diamonds for the losers
I'll swim inside your tears
And wander through your rooms of silence
The motive crystal clear
Your tongue is love
And your heart is violence

Almost diamonds
scratched perfection
Almost diamonds
Tears in glycerine

I spied you kissing her
You faked your love
My broken brother
Everybody burns
Secrets spill and smiles are smothered
You have to roll the dice
Pain is two
and fire is sixes
Vengance feels nice
I know the shine
Behind your tricks

Is almost diamonds
Scratched perfection
Almost diamonds
Tears in glycerine

Who would have thought
it would end like this
You gave a stranger
a dangerous kiss'
Now your pretty eyes
Say these precious lies
We're just beautiful imitations

Catch our teardrops
as they fall
You know we nearly had it all
Fallen tears of glycerine
Gone is all of what we dream

Almost diamonds
Scratched perfection
Dark reflections
Love won't find us
only in dreams

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